From Tjentišta to Dragoš Sedla (10 km) leads a fairly good macadam road. From the parking lot to Dragoš Sedlo, a 100-meter-long track will bring you to viewpoint. Under you, she suddenly opens, somewhat scary in her beauty, a deep, wooded bay, almost completely inaccessible. At the heart of this pristine beauty, the waterfalls of the Skakavac River are stormed into a sink with over 70 m of height. On the other side of the basin rocky cliffs of Volujak are rising rapidly, the largest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maglic, rises to the left, and right, in the distance, over the Sutjeska canyon, the peaks of Zelengora are seen. View for unforgettable !!!. View from viewpoint (Dragoš Sedlo) to Perućica and the Skakavac waterfall, which in the heart of the rainforest rises from a height of over 70 m, fills the man with the pleasure that this small part of the primordial nature, with rich multifunctional biodiversity, has been preserved for present and future generations. The elevation of the viewpoint Dragoš Sedlo is 1306 m.


Also on the road from Tjentišta to Dragoš Sedla (10 km), a couple of hundred meters before parking space on Dragoš Sedlo, there is the beginning of a pedestrian path leading to the Beskit viewpoint. From the main road to the Beskit viewpoint takes about 20 minutes walking. From the gazebo, consisting of two plateaus interconnected by the path, there is a fantastic view of Perućica and the heroine valley – the center. The viewpoint is at an altitude of 1275 m.


If you extend the road another 8 km, you will come to Prijevor. The path leading to Vučevo is separated to the left, and our path goes halfway into the dense forest, suddenly to the plateau beneath the very top of Maglić. Prijevor! Above you Maglić, and in front of the whole chain of peaks – from Trnovački Durmitor, Studenac and Badnja on Volujak and Zelengora heights in the distance. In the summer months, you can stop in the katun on the Prijevor and eat a real mountain cheese and cream along the bread under the bell. Viewpoint Prijevor is at 1668 m above sea level.


When you start from the lake of Donja Bara, a pleasant walkway 400 meters long, which leads to the edge of the Sutjeska canyon, you will reach the viewpoint Boric (1680 m / n.v). The viewpoint itself is located between Siljevica and Planina, but regardless of the fact that these peaks are higher than Borić, the position is such that it dominates the “sharp” slope towards Sutjeska from where the entire canyon and mountains Vučevo, Maglić, Volujak, the rain forest Perućica, Dragoš Sedlo and Prijevor, the valley of Tjentišta, the remains of the old towns Vratar and Vratac, as well as Kosman. The altitude of the viewpoint Boric is 1475 m.