Route I: 559m n / v center (Info Center) – Borovno – Dragoš Sedlo – Lokva Derbe – Maglić 2386m

(the length of the track is 22 km, and the average speed of the walk is 8 hours without rest. This track belongs to the category of heavy tracks.

Description: from Tehtišta 559 m to Borovna 820 m, the length of the track is 3 km and it is a mild climb. The 8 km long road continues to Dragoš Sedla n / a of 1300 m, also a mild tilt of the terrain. Dragoš saddle is decorated with a viewpoint with a view of Perućica and waterfalls Skakavac, Maglić, wedding peaks of Volujak and Zelengore area. From Dragoš sedla to Lokva harbor (1680 m) leads a light trail in a length of 7 km. From Lokve Dernice, the first half-length trail is 2.5 km long and passes through the stands of the pine-clad bora.dok in the second half starts the ascent to Maglić the highest peak of BiH / RS with a height of 2386 m. This is a difficult part of the path leading through the demanding part of the terrain , where for safety it must help hands. On the dangerous parts of the path is provided by the cable.

Route II: Kovačev hive 620 m – Donje Bare – Gornje Bare – Orlovačko jezero 1438 m

(the length of the track is 21 km, and the average speed of the walk can be exceeded for 6 hours – without a break). This path belongs in a light category caution, physical fitness and suitable footwear.

Description: The trail from the main road M-18 (Kovacev hut) sharply separates and continues to Stolac in the length of 3-4 km. This section is marked ascent, and the black boron stands dominating the natural landscape of the Stoca site 1250 km. The trail continues to Lake D.Bare in a length of 3 km. At the location of Donje Bare there is a rest area as well as a hunting lodge. This part of the track is considered light and the lake is 1450 m. The trail continues with a slight climb to the lake of Gornje Bare, 3 km long, with an altitude of 1640 m.Put further leads to Orlovac Lake at 1438 m. There is a hunting lodge and a camping area in this locality.

Route III: Donje Bare – Vidikovac Boric

(the length of the track is 2 km, and the average speed can be crossed on foot for 40 minutes, without rest. The path is included in the category of light)

Description: The trail in the length of 2 km starts from the lake of Donje Bare 1450 m n / v and pastures lead to the attractive viewpoint Borić 1475 m. At Borić there is a spectacular viewpoint with a view of the surrounding mountain ranges Maglić-Volujak-Bioč, Sniježnica, the Perućica rainforest, the Vratar and Sutjeska canyon, the Stoca (black pine stand) and the old caravan route Via Ragusa.

Route IV: Dragoš Sedlo – Suha

(the length of the course is 11 km, and the average pace of walking can be done in 3 hours, without rest. The distance from Tjentišta to Dragoš sedla is 12 km. This path belongs to the light category of caution, physical fitness and appropriate footwear)

Description: Dragoš Sedlo altitude is n / a 1300 m. This viewpoint is the most famous and most attractive photo-shooting area within the NPS, from where the view is seen on the Perućica rainforest and the Skakavac waterfall (75 m high) as well as the mountain wedges of Maglić, Volujak and Zelengora. Dragoš Sedla trail begins through the heart of the rainforest in the length of 11 km and exits to Suhoj at 650 m, which is the most spectacular part of the Sutjeska canyon. There is a well-equipped holiday resort in Suhoj. It is important for the visitors to point out that for the passage through Perućica strictly protected rainforest) mandatory permission of NPS administration and engagement of NPS guides and that the number of visitors is limited.

Route V: Suha – Volujak n / a 2294 m

(the length of the track is 11 km, and the average speed can be reached on foot for 4 hours, without rest. It belongs to the category of heavy trails, the course requires caution, physical fitness and appropriate footwear)

Description: the trail starts at the Soča river stop and 650 km passes through the Sisak stream canyon, to Jelovača 1069 m, the length is 3,5 km, where the path for the Vratnica cave is separated 1628 m. The length of this part of the path is 2,5 km. The route continues below Stolac 1985 m, through Badnjina 2243 m massive mountain goes to the top of Volujak 2294 with a length of 5 km.

Route VI: Prijevor – Maglic

(the length of the track is 2 km and the average pace can be crossed on foot for 3 hours without rest, it belongs to the category of alpine paths, it is very demanding. For the rise it is necessary additional technical equipment helmet, climbing belt, crampons and ice axes. Seats, and the length of the road is 20 km).

Description: The trail starts from Prijevor, from the source (the foothill of Maglic, 1668 m high), to the highest peak in BiH Maglić 2386 m. The trail is heavy, steep, demanding alpinistic character, and when climbing, mountaineers are in direct contact with the Pinus mugo stands and the ecosystem of dunes and crevices of rocks.

Route VII: Prijevor – Trnovac Lake

(the length of the track is 4 km, and the average walking can be in an hour and a half, without rest, it belongs to the light category, caution, physical fitness and adequate footwear are needed. Do Prijevora comes from the direction of Tjentiste, 20 km long).

Description: departure from the foothills of the Maglić foothills 1668 m. The route leads through Jelov dol and Suva jezera to the destination Trnovacko jezero 1513 mn / v, the favorite meeting place of mountaineers and nature lovers in a length of 4 km. The lake of Trnovo is located on the territory of Montenegro. The inter-state border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro is passing through this section (From Jelov Dol to Suva Jezerina).

Route VIII: Prijevor – Suha

(the length of the track is 6 km and the average speed is exceeded for about 2 hours without rest. It is classified as lightweight, caution is necessary in the lower part of the track, good physical fitness and appropriate footwear. To Prijevor comes from Tjentiste through a length of 20 km) .

Description: Departure from the Corridor Corrida 1668 m n / v, the path leads through Makaza, descends on the angle of Siljevac 1491 m, then Tunjimir 1280 m. This part of the track, 3 km long, leads along the Perućica rim. The route continues along the Sushki stream to the dry summit. The length of this part of the path is 3 km. There is a well-equipped resting place at the Suha site.

Route IX: Suha – Trnovacko jezero

(the length of the track is 14 km, with an average speed of 4 hours, without rest. It belongs to the line of light paths where caution, physical fitness and adequate footwear are needed).

Description: departure from the starting point of Suha where there is a well-arranged resting place. The path leads through the Susa stream to the Suva jezera (1357 m) in length of 11 km, where it fits on the path that leads from Prijevor to Trnovac Lake. From Suva jezera to Trnovacki The lake is 2 km away.

Trnovac Lake is also known as the Volujak Lake, because it is located in the wedding complex Volujak-Maglic, and belongs to the territory of Montenegro.