The National Park Sutjeska (NPS) is located in the forested, mountainous area, in the southeast of the Republic of Srpska, at the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The park extends to about 17,250 ha of hilly terrain and is approximately 43 ° 19 ‘north latitude and 18 ° 37` eastern geographical longitude. The surrounding areas are: Maglić, the highest peak in BiH (2386m), Volujak (2337m), Zelengora (2014m), Leli (2032m) and Vučevo (400-1700m) , and are part of the mountain corridor of the Dinaric or the Dinaric Alps. The NPS from the NPS is the Piva Mountains and the Piva River Canyon, as well as the Tara canyon (the deepest canyon in Europe and the second in the world after the Great Canyon of the USA) belonging to the National Park Durmitor in the neighboring Montenegro. The main road between Trebinje and Sarajevo passes through the Park in a length of 12 km. According to the population census from 1991, the center had 559 inhabitants. It is located near the northern entrance to Park and is administratively the headquarters of NPS.

Distances from Tjentiste to the main local and regional centers

Relation Distances (km) Average travel time
Tjentište-Foča 27 35 min.
Tjentište-Sarajevo 93 1 h i 45 min
Tjentište-Dubrovnik 142 2 h i 30 min.
Tjentište-Banja-Luka 370 5 h i 30 min.
Tjentište-Herceg Novi 200 3 h i 30 min.
Tjentište-Trebinje 120 1 h 45 min.
Tjentište-Beograd 380 6 h

The closest airport is Sarajevo Airport, which has direct flights to Zurich, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Ljubljana and Istanbul.