Path II: Kovačev panj 620 m – Donje Bare – Gornje Bare – Uglješin peak – Bregoč 2014 m – Orlovačko lake 1438 m

(the length of the track is 21 km, and the average speed of the walk can be exceeded for 6 hours – without a break). This path belongs in a light category caution, physical fitness and suitable footwear.

Description: The trail from the main road M-18 (Kovacev panj) sharply separates and continues to Stolac in the length of 3-4 km. This section is marked ascent, and the black boron stands dominating the natural landscape of the Stoca site 1250 km. The trail continues to Lake D.Bare in a length of 3 km. At the location of Donje Bare there is a rest area as well as a hunting lodge. This part of the track is considered light and the lake is 1450 m. The trail continues to a slight rise to the lake of Gornje Bare, 3 km long, where the altitude is 1640 m.Put further leads to the Uglješin peak n / a in 1859, it represents the most difficult ascent on the path. The path continues to the highest peak Zelengora Bregoč 2014 m then descends to Lake Orlovac at 1438 m. There is a hunting lodge and camping area in this locality.

Path III: Donje Bare lake – Viewpoint Boric

(the length of the track is 2 km, and the average speed can be crossed on foot for 40 minutes, without rest. The path is included in the category of light)

Description: The trail in the length of 2 km starts from the lake of Donje Bare 1450 m n / v and pastures lead to the attractive viewpoint Borić 1475 m. At Borić there is a spectacular viewpoint with a view of the surrounding mountain ranges Maglić-Volujak-Bioč, Sniježnica, the Perućica rainforest, the Vratar and Sutjeska canyon, the Stoca (black pine stand) and the old caravan route Via Ragusa.