Path V: Suha – Volujak n / a 2294 m

(the length of the track is 11 km, and the average speed can be reached on foot for 4 hours, without rest. It belongs to the category of heavy trails, the course requires caution, physical fitness and appropriate footwear)

Description: the trail starts at the Soča river stop and 650 km passes through the Sisak stream canyon, to Jelovača 1069 m, the length is 3,5 km, where the path for the Vratnica cave is separated 1628 m. The length of this part of the path is 2,5 km. The route continues below Stolac 1985 m, through Badnjina 2243 m massive mountain goes to the peak of Volujak 2294 with a length of 5 km

Trail IX: Suha – Trnovac Lake

(the length of the track is 14 km, with an average speed of 4 hours, without rest. It belongs to the line of light paths where caution, physical fitness and adequate footwear are needed).

Description: departure from the starting point of Suha where there is a well-arranged resting place. The path leads through the Susa stream to the Suva jezera (1357 m) in length of 11 km, where it fits on the path that leads from Prijevor to Trnovac Lake. From Suva jezera to Trnovacki The lake is 2 km away.

Trnovac Lake is also known as the Volujak Lake, because it is located in the wedding complex Volujak-Maglic, and belongs to the territory of Montenegro.