May 24: Marking the EUROPARC Day

Considering that the National Park Sutjeska is a member of the European Federation of Parks EUROPARC, every year on May 24, the NPS celebrates this day where, in the circle of associates and friends of the park, the healthy relationship of man towards nature and his environment is promoted. The EUROPARC Federation in its annual bulletin determines the topic of the day marking that is common to all European parks that are members of this federation. The theme is always about nature and the preservation of natural values. In accordance with the theme, the NPS devise its program, which results in the fact that each anniversary of marking is different, but again it seems to be the same because it always follows one goal, which is the promotion of the natural and cultural-historical values ​​of the NPS. It is indispensable as a longer stay in nature and lunch in this environment.
Every celebration of the EUROPARC Day is followed by a large number of participants and guests where the importance of nature parks and the environment is promoted to the right and where it is suggested at all times how important is the relationship between man and nature that we want to preserve for future generations.

June 5: Marking the International Environmental Day

June 13: Marking the Battle Day in Sutjeska
Every year on June 13, the National Park Sutjeska marks the Battle Day in Sutjeska, in cooperation with the SUBNOR of the Republika Srpska and the Municipality of Foca. A large number of visitors, survivors of the mentioned battle, as well as their descendants, representatives of Republika Srpska authorities and representatives of SUBNOR from all former republics of SFRY, as well as representatives of many state and international organizations attend the celebration of this significant historical event from the Second World War. With a convenient program where survivors address the audience, participants of this battle, as well as state officials, in a ceremonial atmosphere lay wreaths at the memorial-kosturnica and pay tribute to the fallen fighters.

June 28: Mountaineering action Vidovdan ascent to Maglic
Each year of the last weekend in June, the Mountaineering Association of the Republic of Srpska and the Mountaineering Society Zelengora Foča organize one of the most attractive and the most massive mountaineering actions on the territory of RS and BiH, the traditional Vidovdan rise on Maglić. This action, thanks to Maglić as the highest point in the national park Sutjeska and at the same time the highest peak in BiHRepublika, brings together mountaineers from all parts of the former Yugoslavia and beyond every year.

June: Parkway
Parking is a very important manifestation, more commonly known as worker sports games, which brings together a large number of workers employed in national parks in BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy and other countries, so that besides the competition, it has the character of cross-border cooperation. It is held annually, and the national parks are shifted. In 2007, the Sutjeska National Park was honored to host the “Parkway 2007” and organize gatherings and competitions, and above all, socializing and sharing ideas and experiences among people who are imperative to protect natural and cultural-historical values and to whom it is primarily love and then work and obligation.
In addition to the participants, parks are attended by a large number of people from the political and public life of these countries. There are numerous sports competitions, socializing with cultural and entertainment program, excursions, etc.

July: “Friendship Camp” is an educational and sports activity organized by the Ferial Union of the Republic of Srpska and NP “Sutjeska”, which is realized each year on the first weekend in July. The activity is aimed primarily at promoting the mobility of young people, exchanging experiences of young people from different parts of our region, as well as education, raising awareness and improving the generic knowledge of the camp participants. In addition, the aim of the camp is to promote the local tourist offer, which are closely related to youth tourism (such as adventure tourism / rafting, mountain tourism, etc.) Among other things, one of the objectives of the Friendship Camp is to restore youth and the occurrence of the past the leading youth destination in the former Yugoslavia, NP Sutjesku. Within this event, OK Fest – a youth festival with a rich musical program, organized by renowned local and regional bands, is being organized.

August: Mountaineering Campaign “Lake Zelengora”

In the area of ​​the National Park Sutjeska, the Mountaineering Society Zelengora-Foča, every year in early August, organizes perhaps the most beautiful and most attractive mountaineering event in the wider area, “Jezergo Zelengora”. In this four-day mountain hike, Zelengora, one of the pearls of the national park, hikers and nature lovers visit eight lakes and the same number of peaks of this beautiful mountain.