Travel – section: Tjentiste – Donje Bare Lake (1483 m), by bus or by jeep depending on the number of registered (20 km)

Lake Donje Bare – Lake Gornje Bare (1500 m) ugljesin peak (1859 m) – Lake Donje Bare

Category: medium – heavy

Groups: (min 5 – max 30 persons)

Departure: 08:00 AM – in front of Hotel Mladost

Expected return time: 20:00 PM – in front of Hotel Mladost

Hiking time: 5 hours

What to wear: Hiking shoes, backpack, 1 liter of water, raincoats, sweatshirt, cap-cap and camera

What Arrangement includes: Transportation from the resort to the lake bottom pond, coffee or tea, lunch and a chain of packs and the presence of an experienced guide

Lake Donje Bare is located at the foot of the northeastern side of Tovarnica with the peak Planinica (1,722m). On the northeastern side of the lake there are mountain meadows, in whose cliffs are grouped small ponds rich in bar flora. The lake is at about 1,500 m / nv, it is 200 m long and 140 m wide, with a maximum depth of over 4 m. The lake receives spring water from several sides, among other things from one of the largest sources on the west side. Water from the lake goes underground channels.

You can fill the time with a walk around the lake or a beautiful path to the viewpoint of Borići above the canyon of Sutjeska, and not far from Lake Gornje Bare. Of course, it is best to stay for a few days and, in consultation with people from the Park, spend an unforgettable holiday.

How to get to the lake of Donje Bare?


In the immediate vicinity of the lake there is a mountain house and an arranged place for picnic and recreation. A mountain house and picnic location is rented. For more details, contact the commercial service of the National Park Sutjeska.


Just before Tjentišta from the direction of Foča, near the bridge on the Hrčavci River, the road separates the right. As soon as the houses go along the road, they reach the ramp. After 4-5 km, we leave a bad asphalt road that turns left in the direction of Ozren and we extend the right. Attention should also be paid to the next intersection. The right edge of the road leads along the Hrčavka towards the Dobrá dol and Lubov’s grave, and the left continues to Barama. The end of the lake itself is the ruin of a formerly representative building and a newly built hunting lodge.