Path I: Center (in the Info Center possible bicycle rental) – Milin Lounges – Hrčavka – Donje Bare – Hrčavka – Dobri do – Ljubin grob – Crno Jezero – Stari katun Vidž – Zavidž – Džafer potok – Orlovačko jezero

(length of the track is 48 km)

Description: The trail starts at Tjentište at the Info Center where it will be possible to rent a bicycle. Through Milin Klada, he rides to the 12-km canyon of Hrčavka, then continues the next 6 km to the lake of Donje Bare (1450 m above sea level). This cycling tour involves returning to the canyon of Hrčavka and further towards Dobra dolina 1440 m in length of 13 km. The length of the trail from Dobrog dol to Ljubin grob (1600 m n / v) is 4 km. The path leads further across the Black and White Lake to the Old Katun 3 km. Old katun (n / v 1600 m) is still active and attractive for holiday visitors, where they can see part of the ethnographic heritage of this mountainous area. At the location of the catun in the authentic ambience of every summer season, herdsmen from herzegovina are planting flocks on the Zelengora pastures and visitors can buy dairy products in this katun. The path continues to the cathedral Zavidž (1500 m) and its length is 4 km, and the path further descends to the Džefer stream and connects to the macadam road Kalinovik – Zelengora. Relaxation Zavidž – Džefer stream is 2 km long. The last part of the path is to Orlovačko jezero (1500 m) and it is about 4 km long. On Orlovac Lake there is a hunting lodge and a camping area.