Travel – section: Tjentište – Prijevor (1668 m), bus or jeep depending on the size of the group (18 km) Prijevor – Maglić (2386 m) – Prijevor

Prijevor – Landing, bus or jeep depending on the size of the group

Category: heavy

Groups: (min 5 – max 8 people)

Departure: 08:00 AM – in front of Hotel Mladost

Expected return time: 20:00 PM – in front of Hotel Mladost

Hiking time: 4 hours

What to wear: Hiking shoes, backpack, 1 liter of water, raincoats, sweatshirt, cap-cap and camera

What Arrangement includes: Transport from Landing to Transhipment, Coffee or Tea, Lunch and Lunch Package and the presence of an experienced guide

Maglić is the mountain with the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2386m / nv), and it is located at the border of BiH and Montenegro up to 20km southwest of Foča. The mountain is bordered by the Sutjeska River in the west, the Volujak mountain in the southwest, the rivers Drina and Piva in the northeast, and the mountain of Bioč in the southeast.

Maglic is built of Permian rocks, Mesozoic limestone, Diabase and Malaphira, and the track of the icebergs is also visible. It is covered with beech and middling forests. The upper forest border is about 1600 m above sea level, and plateau with pastures and numerous ridges and heights above this height. The base of the mountain and all the slopes are rich in water, with numerous sources, of which the most important is the Carav Do, which never dries up.