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Manifestation “Three Foam kettles”


The Youth Movement Foca this year celebrates International Youth Day through the organization of the “Three Foothills” manifestation.

The aim of the event will be the promotion of this part of the gastronomic offer, promotion of our mountains, rivers, forests and generally tourist potentials of Foča.

The event will be held on August 12th at International Day of Youth, at Tjentiste. We invite all interested parties to prepare hunting goulash, hiking beans and fish soup. We place emphasis on associations, caterers, but also individuals are welcome.

It is planned that primarily tourists and passers-by, but also residents of Foča and surrounding towns, will try out on-the-spot dishes, where each participant will evaluate individually each kettle. For the best kettles in three categories (goulash, fish soup and beans) we are in the negotiations to provide rewards.

We will send a special invitation for participation in this event to our caterers, who in this way will have the opportunity to promote their catering facilities by sharing flyers and coupons for a symbolic discount for all who, after a certain period of time after the event, come to their facility.

The application of the team for storing one or more kettle in the mentioned three categories (goulash, fish soup and beans) is done on the phone number 066 / 892-322 or in the inbox of the page Youth Youth Movement Foča until August 10th.

Fair of traditional products


The National Park “Sutjeska”, the second day of the oldtimer of the meeting “Sutjeska, Tjentište”, on August 20th, at Tjentište, organizes the Second Fair of Traditional Products of this region, a fair of cheese, wine, honey, brandy, ham and other products that characterize this region.

This year, exhibitors from the local and regional level will participate in the fair.

Numerous producers, businessmen and institutions that work on local and regional development last year showed interest, so this year at the Center for Restaurant “Komlen” will come a large number of exhibitors from the environment, both new and already known long-term partners JU NP “Sutjeska”, the organizer of this fair.

The main topic of this year’s fair is the orientation towards sustainable development in rural areas.

Unlike in the previous year, the organizer will hold the exhibition on a calendar day in advance, in order to provide a quality presentation to the visitors of the Park, and to the exhibitors a financial impact.

Zainters can contact the Park Administration for more detailed information and to download the application for participation in the fair.


Tel :+387(0)58/233-102
Fax : +387(0)58/233-114
E-mail : npsutjeska@yahoo.com